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Counseling Training Program

Program Duration:
 13th July 2022 - 15th August 2022

In this program, you will be given field placement where you will experience practical learning, hands-on experience, and mentoring. This program will be held OFFLINE (LOCATION: MUMBAI). It may include a few orientation sessions to help you get a clear understanding of the work you will be doing, followed by the field placement. The fieldwork will include you working directly in the real-world setting under supervision.


Why Us?


In this training, You will receive :

  • Personalized supervision- your learning requirements and development drive your training experience.

  • Trainee-centered learning experience.

  •  Clinical and counseling skills orientation.

  • A taste of the practical aspects of being a psychologist in India.

  • A platform to learn and progress with your peers.

  • Supplement your UNIVERSITY's learning with our holistic training.

  • Training materials and much more.


What will you be learning?


  • The very basics- preparing for your day, greeting your client, rapport building in action.

  • Developing, Maintaining, and Terminating Counseling Relationships.

  • Micro skills of a psychologist.

  • Challenges faced at various stages of counseling & therapies.

  • Interviewing & assessment.

  • Creating intervention plans.

  • Overview of ethical and legal practice in India.

  • Documentation of what you practice.

  • Focus on counselor self-care.

  • What are the various types of interventions?

  • Approaches and theoretical orientations in counseling.

  • Ethical Decision Making.

  • Research Readiness - We will help you write your own basic research paper before your actual thesis begins!

  • Collaborating with other practitioners in the helping professions.

  • Interdisciplinary & inter-professional skills.

  • Multicultural competencies in Indian mental health practice.


How will you learn all that?


  • Interactive sessions with your trainer and your peers.

  • LOADS of supervised simulations.

  • The balanced diet of theory, practice, fun & professional learning experience.


Important Notes:

  • Some of the therapy techniques mentioned in the program outline will be in theoretical format only.

  • All the sessions will be held on a non-government organization site who have collaborated with us for this program.

  • The exact location of the site will be shared with the participants when they are allotted a batch for this program.

  • This program does not give the participants any accreditation/certification to practice. This is only to supplement your real-world experience and your academic needs.

  • This program will only consist of 25-30 or fewer participants per batch to ensure your best learning experience.

  • All instructions and guidelines for this program will be shared with participants after your enrollment in this program.

  • This program is suitable for both UG and PG students.

Limited Seats
10th JULY 2022

₹ 3799 (Including taxes.)

Cancellation and Refund Policy:
  • In case of cancellation or refund status-related queries please email us at

  • If the program is canceled by the company itself then every participant will receive a 100% refund of the registration amount.

  • If you cancel your booking within 36 hours then you're subject to a refund of 95% of the registration amount.

  • Bookings done on 10th July 2022 (The last day of registration) will be subject to a refund of 60% of the amount for registration in case of cancellation.

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