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Listening and Empathy 
Training Program

The Manahcare Listening Programme (MLP) foundational course is a skill-boosting course intended for the general audience & students aspiring to enter the healing professions. It is designed to provide a basic overview of what listening skills entail for each sector/service including but not limited to the mental health and management industry. It is the first step towards boosting one’s listening skills for better interpersonal functioning. However, the completion of the MLP foundational course is not equivalent to a formal/professional qualification for providing healing/helping services to others in a professional capacity.

Why Us?

  • Fun, Interactive, and reflective activities.

  • Course handouts.

  • Trainee-centered learning experience.

  • A taste of the practical aspects of being a counselor in India.

  • A platform to learn and progress with your peers.

What will you be learning?


  • What, Why, When, Where, Who, and How of Listening. 

  • Benefits of listening

  • Empathy Training

  • Listening Habits and Listening Styles

  • Mindfulness and listening 

  • EQ and Emotional Mapping.


How will you learn all that?

  • Interactive online classes.

  • LOADS of supervised simulations and role-plays.

  • Reflective activities & discussions.

  • The balanced diet of theory, practice, fun & professional learning experience.


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