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Manahcare Flagship Programs

Our programs are specially created for psychology students to help them with both their academic and practical knowledge.

Care and Wellness

In this section of our services. You can connect to any available mental health professional across the country for any therapeutic or counselling needs while being in the comfort of your homes or visit them through an appointment.


Manahcare Classifieds

Finding the right psychology Internships, programs could be quite difficult for students. And getting the right reach for your program could be quite tough for the professionals. Manahcare has provided a platform to solve this problem. STUDENTS! Explore your options here.

PROFESSIONALS! Reach out to more students.

Corporate Care Packages

Manahcare has a range of programs to ensure the mental wellbeing of your corporate. Our programs can be tailored according to the requirements of the corporations. Taking care of your team was never this simple.

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